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Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Are you planning on growing your family?


Take the time you need to heal and bond with your new baby.


Feel confident knowing your business is in trusted hands so you can step away from your phone and email.


We are here to support you, not compete with you. We are here to keep your business momentum going and keep your clients happy!

Young Mom

Let us help you navigate this big life transition.

We support business owners who are planning ahead for their "small business maternity leave". We put those words in quotation marks because we know the resources are so limited for small business owners who are expecting. We want to do our part to change that.

One size doesn't fit all. Because of this we will fit into YOUR team. We can fill as big or as small of a role as you want.

Our Process

Video Call

Initial Meeting

We will have an initial meeting to learn more about your business and discuss where we can support you.


We will then come up with a game plan together and establish the best ways to learn the intricacies of your business, discuss clients & processes, and transfer knowledge.

Newborn Baby with Mom

Leave Begins

Your new baby has arrived and the only thing you should be thinking about is your family (and getting some sleep!)

We can cover your business anywhere from two weeks to as many months you need to recover and bond with your baby.

Mother Working from Home


Whether you are ready to dive back into your business full time or slowly ramp up, we will help you transition back to work.

You no longer have to choose between growing your business and growing your family.

How can we help?


Marketing support.

We are focused on making your marketing work for you, especially while you are out on parental leave. We explore ways we can automate email outreach, streamline marketing processes, and keep up with your social media. The cherry on top is that you can keep up with these marketing tactics, even after you return. Win! Win!

Graphic Designer


Client relations + project management.

Often times clients need accountability, constant communication and/or a bit of hand holding. Instead of telling your clients you will be silent for the next several months, we can step in and fill your shoes.


A regular meeting or some consistent email communication to keep projects flowing may fill the gap while you take some time off with your new baby.


Lead generation + nurturing.

Small businesses are so reliant on forward momentum when it comes to networking and lead generation. We can step in and attend networking events on your behalf, respond to business inquiries and nurture leads until you are ready to pick up oprerations again.

Business Video Call

Enough from us. Here's what our clients have to say:

It was nerve racking leaving a business I've built behind for a few months, but I can confidently say I've left it in the best hands.
They truly care about our clients as if they were their own.
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