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You deserve 

parental leave.

parental leave consulting for small business owners and entrepreneurs

Mom working with baby

Is paid parental leave in
your small business future?

If your immediate answer is "no" you are not alone. Together, we will create ways that you can plan, budget, automate and delegate portions of your business so that you can take the parental leave that you deserve.


Because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between growing your business and growing your family. 

But don't wait! The most effective parental leave plans are a result of advanced planning. 

Plan the maternity leave of your small business dreams 

plan + budget

The anticipation of  parenthood is exciting! Don't let the stress of business and financial planning get in the way. 


Our downloadable planner and budget calculator will help you create  a comprehensive plan for the future. 

custom assessment

In just two hours, we'll learn about your business, assess your needs and develop a parental leave plan that works for you. 


Our experts will follow-up with customized details so you will have an actionable game plan.

personalized support

From planning as a business owner to postpartum support, we are here for you.


Whether you want to talk about returning back to work as a new mama or dada or running a small business postpartum,  our one-on-one assistance can give you the guidance  you are looking for.

As of March 2023, 73% of private-sector workers did not have access to paid family leave.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Data


Working from Home
Audrey Hutnick - Parental Leave Consultant
Audrey Hutnick on Maternity Leave

Why get started?

Because we wished we had a Smallwave Consulting for our own parental leave planning.

It took us many years to create our own maternity leave policy for our first business, Smallwave Marketing. We realized how lonely and difficult the experience can be. We wanted to find a way to support other business owners and entrepreneurs who may be going through the same journey.

Top reasons you should reach out


You live in a state that has not yet enacted a mandatory paid family leave program. 

You are self employed and are in the process of family planning. This could be now or in the future. 



You want to create a paid parental leave for your business whether you are a birthing parent, biological parent, adoptive or foster parent.

Get In Touch

We've been where you are right now. We did the Google searches, looked for the resources and had the same questions. Reach out to Audrey to get the conversation started. 

Thanks for submitting!

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