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Tell us about your parental leave

Hey there business owner!

Our mission is to make the path to parenthood smoother for all of us in the small business and self employed world. We'd love to hear your thoughts and personal accounts about taking a leave from your career.

The business penalties that come with starting or growing a family need to go! Your insights will be a game-changer in steering us toward that goal. Your honest thoughts will mean the world to us.

Business Owner

Immediate Goal

Hear from 100 business owners who have taken a parental leave from their business.

Short-term goal

Support small business owners and entrepreneurs in creating the best possible paid parental leave for their business.

Long-term goal

Paid parental leave for all!

Let's pave the way for paid parental leave!

Feeling fired up?

Are you passionate about paid parental leave just like we are?  Do you have an idea you want to share or an introduction you want to make? Just want to chat? Reach out!

Thanks for submitting!

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